The 3rd Annual Doughnut Run

How do you end the year? Do you eat doughnuts? Oh, maybe you’re one of those people who like to run?

My crew combines the 2 into one harmonious blend of delicious exercise.

We met on the coldest day of the year thus far, it was a balmy 15 with wind chill. Abbe and I were the first to arrive and I suggested we huddle up next to the subway kiosk to gain shelter from the north wind. One by one our Runner Army friends arrived with cheer! The talk amongst the ranks was to avoid going over any bridges, and Brooklyn all together, and just run to the Doughnut Plant to eat. All eyes looked to Elyssa (this was her baby after all) and she said we would just run 4-5 miles around the west side, aiming for the Doughnut Plant.

Taking off due West, we encountered wind from every angle. As Neal said, “It’s the first mile that’s the hardest, as you need to warm up.” Heading north up the West Side path, the entire thing was a sheet of ice. None of us wanted to end our season before it began, so we bee-lined it east off the ice.

We eventually cut across Bleecker, down to Grand and finally to our fabulous finish at the Doughnut Plant.

I chose the Vanilla Bean Glazed which was awesome. We took over the space and had a great time before we all parted ways.

Congrats to a great 2012 everyone!