The Doughnut Run!

To cap off the year I decided to join the crew for the 1st Annual Doughnut Run, organized by Elyssa!

Until the emails flying around about the run I had been spelling doughnut, donut… thank you very much Dunkin Donuts for making me dumb.

We me at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge at 10:30 AM which was just fine by me. All this early running stuff gets outta hand sometimes. Role Call: Elyssa, Eissa, Amy, Matt6, Steph, Samantha, Sharon, Maura, and Maria! The concept was, run a 6 mile loop over the Brooklyn Bridge, through Brooklyn to the Williamsburg Bridge and back over into Mighty Manhattan, ending at The Doughnut Plant!

We all took off over the Brooklyn Bridge, dodging the tourists that were starting to surface.

Looping around into Dumbo we encountered an unforeseen problem… un shoveled snow! We made the best of it climbing, jumping and navigating the streets, keeping our pace. It was more of an obstacle course workout than a run and my abs are actually killing me! (I hope that’s from the run and I don’t have an Alien ready to berth itself. Gross.)

One of the cool things about a group run like this is what I call ‘leapfrog effect’ and yes I just coined it. Meaning, during the run you move around so you can chat and catch up with everyone.

Before we arrived at the Williamsburg Bridge we had a snowball fight while we were running! It was very fun but very tiring.

Ending our 6 miler at The Doughnut Plant was funny. There were groups of regular pedestrians eating outside and we, The Runner Army (another new catch phrase I have coined) arrived with a bang and everyone was like “Whaaaaaaat?”

As we entered the store it smelled good, so I chimed in, “Smells good, doughnut?” Yes, I have a bit of Dad Humor instilled in me and I have been learning to cope with it. On Matt 6’s advice I chose the Creme Brule and Tres Leches doughnuts. They did not disappoint and might be some of the best doughnuts I have ever had. I mean, I’m still a sucker for a Krispy Kreme but…

We all said goodbye to each other and 2010, departing for our various subway lines. It was an awesome time and I wont miss it next year (or at the end of every month as Maura suggested.)

Happy New Year Runner Army!