To Garmin, or NOT to Garmin… that is the question

This Sunday marks the start of the Spring racing season for me and I cannot tell you how excited I am. The doldrums of Winter are finally dissipating to make way for warmer weather and better outdoor conditions.

I will be racing the Gasparilla Half Marathon in Tampa under a sunny sky with temps in the low 80s. The question I have been toying with is… should I go raw and not wear my Garmin?

Last October I went without my Garmin at Grete’s Gallop and came within seconds of my Half Mary PR. Perhaps having a Garmin would have made me push harder?

I leave it to you , the readers, to help me make the decision.

Garmin or no Garmin?


  • Ed Lucke

    Hey Chris! (YOU BEAST!)
    Enjoy the weather while in Tampa….as for your ‘to G or not to G!” question, take it!
    [This coming from a completely novice / noob runner who hasn’t even run a 5K yet (YET! But soon!) ]
    I wouldn’t think having it would screw with your concentration or pace!
    As Rope would say, “What could possibly go wrong!?”
    Good luck down in FLA!!!

  • wear both! Rolex and the Garmin.

  • Robin

    I say no garmin but regular watch so you will know your final time

  • I think you should carry a sun dial.

    You’re welcome.

  • Wear the garmin, but resist the temptation to look at it until after you finish. That way you can run by feel, but you’ll have the data to analyze later…

  • David

    I say forget the Garmin and go with the Submariner! Bling it up a little so they know how we do it in NYC.

  • Antonio

    I ran a marathon PR without wearing a watch. I check the 5K splits to see how I was doing, otherwise ran totally by feel.