T’was the night before Ironman…

T’was the night before Ironman and all through the house…

My second Ironman (I’m doing 1 Ironman per year until I die) takes place tomorrow and I am quite excited for a number of reasons.

You’re on my turf! I wonder if any of these racers even know the 9W gang sign?

You’re on my turf! I can take a cab to the start which means I get 2.5 more hours of sleep.

– It’s my second Ironman and I have zero stress or worries. I have tried to compare it to running a second marathon for those who just run.

– My training has been pretty good. I started training for the Boston Marathon and Kentucky Derby Marathon in January and haven’t stopped.

– We got hot ass swag bags! They are transition bags with lots of cool secret pockets. I love secret pockets!

– Pre race dinner. Chef Abbe is making my favorite meal and Beer Specialist Claire is brining over beer.

– My bike can time travel.

You’re on my turf! I train on the course every weekend. I’m really quite sick of it in fact and can’t wait to NOT go to Jersey for a freaking bike ride next month!

– I have an awesome Tri Kit thanks to my sponsor Kompetitive Edge! Thanks guys, I wear the colors proudly!

– My bike helped deploy Curiosity onto Mars then returned home to Earth really fast in order to make the Tri. Assuming my bike’s home is Earth.

– I have friends racing like Neal, who is rocking his first IM and is gonna do awesome! He is going to be done the swim before I take 2 strokes. James, who I have never met but we are triathlete friends on Facebook. He is trying to break a World Record by racing the most Ironmans in one year, pretty BA. Jen and Annemarie and a few others like my pal John I made friends with on the Ferry.

You’re on my turf! I have the best group of friends ever (from the Runner Army to all my drunk bar crawlers) and they are all going to be out cheering!!!

– Abbe, Erica and Claire will be manning a secret Omelet Station on the bike course for refueling. After 12PM they convert it to a Taco Station.

You Are On My Turf! We are going to have an awesome after party. Hit me up to find out where!

Godspeed to all racers tomorrow! May you have a fantastic race and remember to enjoy it. I could not think of a better way to spend a Saturday then to do all the things I love… swimming, biking, running and celebrating!