Zero to 100 MPH

Since Ironman NYC I have been kind of in a perpetual ‘off season.’ I mean, I run and occasionally ride my bike on the trainer, but for the most part I have been on triathlon vacation. I was really enjoying it up until right after Christmas…

Something happened to me a few days ago. I think I was fed up with the month of December being a total schmooze fest, with holiday parties and corporate dinners. Whatever it was I totally set myself on fire 6 days ago.

I started off with a one hour trainer ride from hell, sweating my brains out.

Yoga with Abbe. My first time and it was really great!

Next, I ran 3 miles to my gym, did a hard weight and core workout and ran back 3 miles.

Ice skating? Sure why not. I love ice skating more than life itself after all. 1 hour, check.

A smooth 12 miles at 150 heart rate pace was a nice intro back into distance running.

Tonight? Speedwork of course. Where would we be if we couldn’t complain about speedwork? 4 miles at a 5:50 pace will feel horrible tomorrow, but the beer and guacamole I took down with Abbe, Maura and Kelly made it all the worth while.

Please don’t take this as me trying to brag, I am just really excited because I AM BACK!

Zero to 100 miles per hour in 6 days, wooooooooo!